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to everyone who's commented, sorry for not replying. just haven't had the time to come on DA anymore. there's a lot of new photos, but haven't had the time. Hopefully i'll get to upload them soon.

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happy new year everyone

another year of if's, when's, and maybe's

if i can shoot...
when can i shoot...
maybe i'll shoot...

have fun resetting for another year
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coming thru coming thru

just some work, from the past 6 months. more to come soon, when i have the time to post them.

for now, work work work

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Been a while... what a year 2006 was... here's 2007, got a job, new camera, new (old?) life, still the same... whatever...

John Mayer dropped by to Melbourne. Had a great time... hope you all enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed the concert...

more of my fashion shots? maybe not for a long time... we'll see...
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its here! its finally here! its... 2007! new year, new life, new paths, new directions. here's to the last year of uni (though i'll have to go back next year) and some interesting photoshoots, and meeting some new models. hoping this year will bring more interesting shoots, and new faces.

and i just can't wait to get my hands on my new camera! ish! the slow wait just to bargain for a good price.

hope you all will stick around to see more work. might not be as much, since i'll be working full time doing architecture, but do hope to get to shoot more. have a good year everyone!
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and change it shall be, as I am finally finishing uni! all exams, all assignments, all over. In just 2 weeks, I will be graduating, and will move up one level in society.

and whats effect does this have on my photography? well I get to shoot more for now! That is until I start work, and life goes back into monotony. Hope the shots will be enough for now.

btw - John Mayer's album rocks, and I finally got tickets for his concert in April next year =) "No I'm not colorblind, I know the world is black and white"
memoryof the mind is but a photograph, fresh and crisp when taken, but as time dissolves, so does the photograph... losing colour... losing clarity... losing its place in time. how do we recover these memories?

this is where writings, recordings, discussion of memories, lets it dwell in the minds of others, who in time help fix any missing pieces of the photograph. it is the act of copying the photograph, and distributing to those around you, who in turn, with any deterioration, are able to piece together parts that have been forgotten, parts that have been missing, parts that have passed with time.

and how does my memory stand? its much like a portfolio, only keeping those that are strong and important, and keeping the others hidden under a blanket of forgetfulness. i need a recording of my life. if not, by the time i'm 60... how will i write my own biography with missing pieces of the puzzle?

how do you describe an experience without having experienced it? was thinking of something I read... doctor's don't need to experience a disease or ailment to treat it... does that apply to life as well? hmmmm...

explaining feelings or expressions to models are the funniest things... and even poses... ahhaha... i've learnt a few things about posing myself over this journey =P i think i'm rambling...

late nites... assignments... wat a life
was out shootin for a friends graduation, and his parents and friends loved the photos... makes me wonder... who's gonna shoot for me?!? haha. without cloning, and transfer of specific talents, i wonder how i'm gonna have some nice photos for my graduation... hmmmm.... anyone have a cloning machine??
I wish I knew what i wanted to do exactly. Fashion photography or architecture?

Introducing Chantra!

Wonderful girl to work with, very cheerful and easy to work with :) enjoy the photos and comment on them!

-see them, love them, but don't steal them-
oh i missed it when it turned 3000! :| anywayz, hang in there people. photoshoots soon in june. right now, buildings come first...
new shots up, and more coming soon
hello peeps

sorry for another bout of absence. been a little busy. here's just some shots from a photoshoot for Monday's Child

enjoy~ laters~

(sorry for resubmission. saw some mistakes after i posted them)
Happy Chinese New Year to all!
Holidays back in Malaysia are OVER!

Melbourne, here I come.

Can't wait to start shooting again :)
happy new year people

another year to learn, play, work, study, fall, get up, and basically just move forward in life.

hope to do more shots this time around. stay tuned.

2,000 - thankz for all the views, comments, and favourites
Had a full day of shooting with marina and lucci yesterday.

Introducing Lucci, a wonderful girl who's very bubbly, and fun to work with.

Quite happy with marina's shots, the closest so far to being fashion-ny. hehe.